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Pirates of the Crabbean is about the story of a pirate who sailed into an unfortunate storm shortly after finding a long-lost treasure. Amid the storm, his ship was struck by lightning and crashed on an island where the remaining survivors hid the treasure so that it may one day be found once more.

You play as a crab on the island where the treasure was last known to be located. The entire game and all its levels are one big island with various unlockable areas. Each area is its own level and completing it will unlock a new area (level) on the island for the player to explore and progress.  After the player unlocks the final area (the cave) they are greeted with one last puzzle before finding the treasure. Once found, touching the treasure will trigger the final cutscene and transition back into the original story about discovering a hidden treasure once more. It is to be believed that some time has gone by since the player’s discovery of the treasure that has allowed for a new pirate to have looted the cave and gone off with the treasure. And so, both the story and the game repeat itself over and over infinitely.

Game by Alex Carriles

-----Credits for Assets-----

  • Original game mechanics/scripts provided by Prof. David Cohen
  • Crab by LAYER LAB
  • LowPoly Environment Assets by KORVEEN
  • Translucent Crystals by SINEVFX
  • Ship by NOKOBOT
  • Palm Trees by DARTH_ARTISAN
  • Skull Platforms by KUBIQUAL
  • LowPoly Skull by ERVIS LILAJ
  • Treasure Chest by FAIRY SHOP
  • Gold Bars by MISTER NECTURUS
  • Music and SFX by FOOTAGECRATE


MacOS.zip 571 MB
Windows.zip 562 MB

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